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Annapurna Circuit – The first Himalayan experience in Nepal

By on 16. November 2016

Annapurna Circuit experience – first Himalayan trek

Two years ago I visited Nepal for the first time. I have been there between two major events – one moth after the snow disaster in Thorong La (2014) and 5 moths before the catastrophic earthquake (2015) – obviously, I was lucky. I visited this country on my own so the best trekking choice for me was the legendary Annapurna Circuit. It was a great experience and I wrote a lot of articles about it – unfortunately in my native language, Czech. If you know Czech language you can find these posts here:

If you do not speak Czech, this post is written for you.

Arrival to Káthmándú

It was a really crazy travel to Káthmándú. Bus Brno-Vienna, plane Vienna-Düsseldorf, plane Düsseldorf-Abú Dhabí, plane Abú Dhabí-Káthmándú. The first administrative operations (and troubles) waited for me right at the airport. Well… I had enough money for the visa, but it took some time to find some extra photos.


GPS software and Apps for orientation and navigation

By on 8. October 2016

Hi-tech trekking

I made a decision to share some of my experience I have gathered during my travels. I used to use basic equipment during my trips ten years ago – usually a map (a paper one) and a compass. Today…today everything is much more sophisticated, hi-tech, smart and also expensive. There are many tools, gear, apps and on-line technologies you can use for comfortable planning of your trek and for navigation in the middle of wild mountains.

2016 apps options

This article deals with apps, windows software and on-line tools for outdoor activities. It is 2016 right now, so if you read this post later, some of these apps and tools may not exist anymore. I won´t  write about the best apps in the world either – I am going to write about apps and technologies I currently use. I am going to write about the maps and gear as well, in different posts later on. (more…)