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Map sources – Commercial and alternative GPS outdoor maps for Garmin device

By on 22. October 2016

How to get maps for my GPS Garmin device?

If you want to use commercial Garmin maps, you probably have to buy them. They are not cheap. But there are a lot of alternatives that will help you with orientation and navigation on your trek. You could download (stolen!) commercial Garmin maps for older Garmin devices (for example Garmin Dakota), but it is not easy to use them in the new Garmin devices such as the Garmin 64 series and newer. I work with the Garmin 64s device. I bought some commercial GPS maps but mostly I work with free map alternatives. This post deals with my favorite GPS map websites.

Commercial GPS maps for Garmin devices – map sources to buy

Free (alternative) GPS maps for Garmin devices

  • Open Street If there is no other alternative, you can use these. But coverage of some locations is very poor. There are a lot of “blank places”. They are without contour lines.
  • Open MTB Great maps for your device. Whole world with the contour lines. Some maps are for free, for better version you need pay membership price. 20 EUR for year is a good price. I paid it.
  • Open Fiets Fantastic maps of Europe and the best map of Iceland (better then original). Contour lines included.
  • Open Topo Map – Great website full of mostly European GPS maps. Contour lines included.

Other map sources

How to work with downloaded GPS maps?


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