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Iceland trek – Trek in the Landmannalaugar and around the Eyjafjallajökull

By on 7. February 2017

Before you visit Iceland

Iceland is a very expensive country. Every single thing, every single service will take a lot of money from your pocket. Plan carefully before you visit Iceland. Every day you spend in iceland that you haven’t planned for, is going to be quite expensive. There are several ways to spend your Iceland trip. Most of people rent a car – a big 4×4 off-road car –  and all of them visit the same places at the same time in the same order (because they follow the Lonely Planet Guide recommendations). I don’t judge this kind of traveling. You can visit all the attractions in a short amount of time. But it is not for me. It’s about money and laziness. Some people do the Iceland trip in “punk way” and they hitch-hike. This kind can be fun but you can lose a lot of time. My way of travelling is somewhere in the middle. I usually make good plans and then I improvise. I am used to use public transportation and if there is no other choice, I hitch-hike. It is the best way to get to know Iceland.


Landmannalaugar, Thorsmork, Skogar, Godaland, Asbyrgi, volcanoes, hot springs, arctic fox. (more…)